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Dr. Rajesh Kana

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., 2003, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India Postdoctoral Training, 2003-’07, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA


Cognitive and social processes are complex, non-unitary brain processes that are not always separable from each other. Impairment in social cognition and social understanding has a significant impact on social, cognitive and communicative functioning. My primary research interest is to explore the neural substrates of social cognition and the impact of social cognition on language, communication and other cognitive functions. Perhaps the most appropriate arena for studying social cognition is autism, an enigmatic disorder marked by an amalgam of cognitive and social impairments. In brief, I use functional and structural MRI to study the neural architecture of autism.  To learn more regarding my research, please go to


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Social Neuroscience, Brain and Language, Theory of Mind, Neuroimaging, Autism