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Medical/Clinical Psychology is an APA-approved clinical psychology program. Each student receives intensive training in the psychological bases of behavior. Biomedical bases of behavior, health psychological theories, and clinical applications are emphasized with courses in psychophysiology, health psychology, and neuropsychology. Courses in medical sciences and public health are also available. A second level of training involves generic clinical professional skills, including assessment, intervention, consultation, and evaluation. These skills are applied in both mental health settings but with emphasis on medical applications and medical / surgical settings.

The program offers three areas of curriculum and research and clinical training emphases: neuropsychology, pediatric/child psychology, and gerontology. These three areas draw on Department and Medical School faculty with expertise in the areas to offer elective courses, provide clinical experiences with emphasis patients, and provide supervision of research with emphasis populations.

The medical/clinical psychology curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to engage in service delivery, research, and instruction focused broadly on psychological factors in physical and mental health. Graduates are expected to assume positions in medical centers, hospitals, other health care facilities, or academic departments.

Facilities available to students in the program include the research laboratories of the Department of Psychology and the clinical laboratories of the Schools of Medicine.

Faculty research interests include health psychology, clinical neuropsychology, psychopharmacology, human psychophysiology, behavioral modification, learning and cognitive processes, neurochemistry, development, vision, audition, control of movement, obesity, aging, psychopathology, social psychology, sleep, drug abuse, cardiovascular regulation, spinal cord injury, mental retardation/developmental disabilities, cognitive development, language and communication disorders, and pediatric psychology.

For the year 2008-2009 the Medical Psychology Program had 9 students apply for APA-approved internships. Not only did all 9 match, but they were accepted at some of the nation’s finest internship programs. Internship sites that accepted our students are listed below


In the past, most successful applicants have presented scores near or above 600 on each section of the GRE General Test, and a grade point average of at least 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale). Also required is a background in both psychology and the life sciences. The GRE Subject Test in Psychology is recommended.

The department attempts to provide financial support in the form of fellowships or assistantships for all students admitted into the program.

Note: US citizens and permanent residents who apply to UAB research based PhD programs will have application fee waived.