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Dr. Alan Randich

Professor / Director - Behavioral Neuroscience Program


Syracuse University, Psychology, B.A.,1972
Syracuse University, Experimental Psychology, M.S.,1975
Dalhousie University, Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.,1978
Yale University, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1979


I have two primary research interests. One research interest is in pain and analgesia. Our laboratory has assessed many facets of this broad area including cardiovascular - pain regulatory interactions, brainstem neurons that modulate spinal cord processing of nociceptive input, and most recently, inflammation and the role of spinal prostaglandins in enhancing pain sensitivity. A second area of interest is in neural mechanisms involved in the regulations of food intake in animals and humans. Our laboratory examines how afferent nerves innervating the small intestine signal the brain about the presence of lipids, and then how this information engages systems that inhibit feeding.


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Dr. Randich’s teaching interests include psychodynamics of pain, neurobiology of learning, and introduction to psychology.